Nos países da CEE, é na Espanha que se compra roupa a melhor preço.

Mais informacoes no Softguia Madrid

Aqui ficam as sugestões de compras em Madrid, por zonas da cidade, conheca as linhas de Metro:

Alonso Martínez y Chueca

Almirante, 1028004 MadridTel: 91 531 70 62Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: K5

Clothes from some of the latest designers (such as Roberto Torreta and Alberto Biani) in a shop which has been open almost two decades. The shop front was designed by Xavier Mariscal. Open:11.00-14.00/17.00-20.30


Campoamor, 6, 13 y 1528004 MadridTel: 91 319 7005Metro: Alonso MartínezZone : Alonso MartínezMap: K1

Open since the 80's with clothes from Moschino and Versace. Open:10.30-14.00/16.00-20.30


2Almirante, 2228004 MadridTel: 91 522 33 11Metro: ColónZone : ChuecaMap: L5

A range of brands and designers with an "urban" style. Open:10.30-14.00/17.00-20.30


Almirante, 10 y 1128004 MadridTel: 91 531 81 56Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: K5

Some of the latest styles: Rifat Ozbek, Vivienne Westwood, Huntters & Gatherers, Patrick Cox, among others. Open:10.30-14.00/17.00-20.30

La Compañía Multihispana

Hortaleza, 3028001 MadridTel: 91 532 38 33Metro: Gran VíaMap: H6

This used to be a designer liquidation shop, but now the clothes and prices are current. They mainly have lesser know designers but which have a broad appeal. Examples include Amaya Arzuaga, Alitanto and Home-less. Open:10.30-14.00/17.00-20.00


Argensola, 1028004 MadridTel: 91 308 29 82Metro: Alonso MartínezZone : Alonso MartínezMap: K2

The latest from the catwalks (Helmut Lang) and urban club design. There are also art exhibits, CD for sale and do tattoos Open:10.30-14.00/17.00-21.00

Aterr Shop

Fuencarral, 3928004 MadridTel: 91 532 18 41Metro: TribunalMap: H5

Apart from their own brand they tend towards the latest fashions. Best suited for people willing to take a risk. Open:10.00-14.00 /17.00-20.30


Fuencarral, 7428004 MadridTel: 91 522 31 21Metro: TribunalMap: H3

Their own designs with those of Amaya Arzuaga and Guess. Open:11.00-14.00 / 17.00-21.00

Glam. Fernando Cuevas

Fuencarral, 3528004 MadridTel: 91 522 80 54Metro: TribunalMap: H5

These are really two shops Glam and Fernando Cuevas. Lots of platform shoes. Fernando Cuevas is probably a more sophisticated shop. Open:10.00-14.00 / 17.00-21.00

Loreak Mendian

Pl. Carlos Cambronero, 528004 MadridTel: 91 523 58 11Metro: NoviciadoMap: G4

Fresh, pop and surfer style. Open:11.00-14.00 / 17.00-21.00

Moncloa - Argüelles
Bat CaveGaztambide, 313928015 MadridTel: 91 543 40 26Metro: Argüelles

For men and woman, from Antonio Miró or Paul Smith. Open:11.00-14.00 /17.00-20.30


Martín de los Heros, 2428008 MadridTel: 91 541 00 42Metro: Ventura RodriguezMap: A2

The coolest for the boys now for girls too.Open:10.00-21.00


Galileo, 3228015 MadridTel: 91 593 45 61Metro: Argüelles

Piercing, tattoos, and clothes. Open:10.30-14.00 / 16.30-20.30


Princesa, 5728008 MadridTel: 91 541 07 87Metro: Argüelles

Clothes, sunglasses, watches etc.Open:10.00-20.30


PeopleGoya, 2028001 MadridTel: 91 431 67 69Metro: VelázquezMap: S2

Clothes and accessories from Rifat Ozbek, Vivienne Westwood, Patrick Cox among others. Open:10.30-14.30 /17.00-20.30


Serrano, 3628001 MadridTel: 91 577 07 46Metro: SerranoMap: O2

The well knows french brand has a large shop selling its designs for all ages and sexes. Open:10.00-20.30


Serrano, 1628001 MadridTel: 91 435 01 77Metro: SerranoMap: O2

A popular spanish designer.Open:10.30-21.00


Goya, 3228001 MadridTel: 91 578 34 41Metro: VelázquezMap: S2

Jeans, jackets, caps, dresses etc.Open:10.00-14.00 / 16.30-20.30

Delito e Castigo

Villanueva, 328001 MadridTel: 91 577 77 29Metro: SerranoMap: N5

Brand names include: Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Anna Molinari, Jean Paul Gaultier. Open:11.00-14.00 / 16.00-20.00


Velázquez, 2828001 MadridTel: 91 577 43 53Metro: SerranoMap: P3

Brands include the Prada sport line & Miu Miu. Prices on the high side. Open:10.30-14.30/16.30-20.30

Plein Sud

Claudio Coello, 2228001 MadridTel: 91 435 79 02Metro: RetiroMap: O5

Tight fitting clothes for those who know how to wear heals. Open:10.30-14.30/16.30-20.30

In It

Ayala, 2628001 MadridTel: 91 575 41 45Metro: SerranoMap: O99

Mega shop for the prêt à porter from well known branch. Open:10.00-20.30

Roupa interior

Alonso Martínez, Chueca, Gran Vía

Almirante, 928004 MadridTel: 91 532 71 10Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: K-5

A pioneer in introducing attractive and daring pantyhose and underwear. In summer they also have swim suits. Open:10.30-14.00/17.00-20.30

Asuntos Internos

Fuencarral, 228004 MadridTel: 91 532 32 99Metro: Gran VíaZone : Gran VíaMap: H-7

Men's underwear & accessories from Dolce &Gabbana and Paco Rabanne. Open:12.00-14.00/17.00-21.00


San Marcos, 828004 MadridTel: 91 522 17 70Metro: Gran VíaZone : ChuecaMap: I-6

Underwear and undershirts for men from well know brands. Open:12.00-14.00/17.00-21.00


Don Ramón de la Cruz, 1428001 MadridTel: 91 576 33 32Metro: Núñez de BalboaMap: P-98

A large variety of models, colors and sizes. Open:10.30-14.00 /17.00-20.30


Serrano, 5128001 MadridTel: 91 575 58 38Metro: Núñez de BalboaMap: O-97

Designs for youth, at reasonable prices. Open:10.00-21.00

La Perla

Serrano, 2828001 MadridTel: 91 577 56 73Metro: Serrano /ColónMap: N-4

Fine lingerie beautifully designed, and priced accordingly. Open:10.30-20.30

Meye Maier

Jorge Juan, 14, bis28001 MadridTel: 91 575 36 54Metro: SerranoMap: Q-4

On a small cul-de-sac this designer lingerie shop also sells pajamas, slippers. Open:10.00-14.00/16.30-20.00

Oh! que luna

Ayala, 3228001 MadridTel: 91 431 37 25Metro: SerranoMap: O4

One of the oldest fine lingerie shop in Madrid. Open:10.00-14.00 / 17.00-20.30


Ayala, 2828001 MadridTel: 91 577 87 92Metro: SerranoMap: O4

Boxers for everyone, including hers. Everything is 100% cotton. Open:10.00-14.30/17.00-20.30


Claudio Coello, 3828001 MadridTel: 91 578 31 78Metro: SerranoMap: O3

They say that these austrian pantyhose are the longest lasting, They are also elegant. Open:10.00-14.00/17.00-20.30

Usado e com defeito e em promoção


Ayala, 7428001 MadridTel: 91 575 62 91Metro: GoyaZone : SalamancaMap: T1

Women's fashion at low prices. Designers include Armani, Valentino, Dolce & Gabanna Open:10.30 -14.00 / 17.30-20.30Closed Saturday afternoon


Arenal, 828013 MadridTel: 91 531 99 83Metro: SolZone : SolMap: F10

Paul Smith o Helmut Lang among other at reduce prices Open:10.30 -14.00 / 17.00-20.30Closed Saturday afternoon

Il Griffone

Lagasca, 6228001 MadridTel: 91 575 98 38Metro: SerranoZone : SalamancaMap: P98

One of the first shops of this type. Mostly italian designers: Moschino, Versace, Ferré, Valentino. Open:10.30 -14.00 / 17.00-20.30Closed Saturday afternoon


Carretas, 1028015 MadridTel: 91 531 21 88Metro: SolZone : SolMap: G12

Left over from Zara, at very reduces prices. Open:10.00-20.30


Plaza de Chueca, 828004 MadridTel: 91 531 32 22Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: J5

Almost 50% off on stock of John Richmond, Plein Sud and Gaultier. Open:11.00 -14.00 / 17.00-21.00Closed Saturday afternoon

Dayton Outlet

Alberto Alcocer, 4728036 MadridMetro: Cuzco

Recently opened outlet styled shop. Brands include GAP, Ralph Lauren, CK, DKNY, Dockers and Tommy Hilfiger.

Escuela de Divinos

Zurbarán, 1628010 MadridTel: 91 30828 16Metro: Rubén DaríoMap: M98

Reduce price on Spanish designers including Etro y Elena Benarroch. Open:10.00-14.00 / 16.30-20.00

Cristina Guisado

Doctor Fourquet, 1028012 MadridTel: 91 528 87 88Metro: LavapiésZone : AtochaMap: J19

Spanish brands including 'Pepita is Dead' and 'Hermanos Guisado', mostly styled after the 60's and 70's. Open:11.00-14.00 / 17.00-20.30


Mayor, 1928013 MadridTel: 91 366 44 72Metro: SolZone : SolMap: F11

Clothes for young people, mostly american styles. Open:10.30-21.00

Rue St, Honoré

Augusto Figueroa, 2128004 MadridTel: 91 523 24 82Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: I5

Featuring clothes from Pura López and Audley. Awkward size tend to be cheaper. Open:10.00-13.30 / 17.00-20.30


Augusto Figueroa, 2728004 MadridTel: 91 531 53 43Metro: ChuecaZone : ChuecaMap: I5

One of the first reduced-price shoe shops in this area. Names include Farrutx, Dorotea para Antonio Miró, Kelian, & other well know brands. Usually limited sizes. Open:9.30-14.00 / 17.00-20.30

Trotamundos DepotSerrano, 8128001 MadridTel: 91 710 30 26Metro: SerranoZone : SalamancaMap: O97

This shop has a second outlet in Ribera de Curtidores which opens on sundays. Outdoors type clothes. Open:10.00-14.00 / 17.00-20.30


Mira el Río Baja, 1328005 MadridTel: 91 710 30 26Metro: Puerta de ToledoZone : RastroMap: D19

On the same street as many other similar shops. Used clothes very cheap. Open:10.30-14.30 / 17.30-20.30

Grandes Armazéns

El Corte Inglés

Preciados, 1-4Tel: 91 556 23 00Metro: Sol / CallaoZone : SolMap: F10

El Corte Inglés is a spanish institution, and since they bought "Galerías Preciados" in 1995, it's really the only complete department store in the country. In most shops they have also good supermarkets, and the gourmet club, normally in the gentleman floor (we don´t know why...) where you can find delicatessen. Hipercor is the big supermarket.Normally, multi-lingual staff. The biggest is the store in Nuevos Ministerios, specializad the building for children, The Sol Corte Inglés has several buidings from Callao to Sol, with differences things. There are also branches in Princesa, with a new big floor mainly for food, and it is open on Sundays, in the Salamanca area (Goya and Serrano), in the Vaguada and in suburbs you can find "Tiendas Corty", small shops that belong to the big company. Open:Mon. to Sat.: 10.00- 21.301st sunday month.


Preciados, 28Tel: 91 595 61 43Metro: Callao/SolZone : SolMap: F8

You can buy a ticket for a concert, a magazine while you have a coffee or a sanwich, a video-tape and its video-recorder. The lasttest models in electronic and computers.Books, music, and games. On the second floor there is a room where you can read the books (without buying them) while listening to a selection of music. Limited english collection.Its motiv is that if you find the same thing cheaper somewhere else, they refunded you the difference. Open:Mon. to Sat.: 10.00-21.30Sundays: 10.00-19.00


Gran Vía, 43Tel: 91 559 66 21Metro: Callao / Santo DomingoZone: Gran VíaMap: E-7

It is not a big store, but you can buy mainly food, drinks, magazines, books and music cd's untill 3.00 am. Sundays too.Also in:Albertto Aguilera, 56Fuencarral 101Orense, 16 and 79Princesa, 5Serrano, 41Velázquez, 136

Marks and Spencer

Serrano, 5228001 MadridTel: 91 520 00 00Metro: SerranoZone : Salamanca

Owners of the store cards can also use them in Spanish stores.There is a branch in the mall La Vaguada. Open:10.00 -20.30