Games Workshop / Citadel Colours

The Citadel Colour paint range offers you a massive collection of spray primers and water-based acrylic pigments that are fully mixable with other acrylic model paints as well as acrylic artists' paints. Citadel Colours were developed for Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and The Lord of The Rings, but are widely used on Wargaming miniatures. In the chart below, the annotation "OOP" in the Comment column means that the paint had been out of production or discontinued.

See also Warhammer color chart.


Citadel Inks
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Red Ink washes      
Magenta Ink washes      
Orange Ink washes (OOP)      
Yellow Ink washes      
Brown Ink washes      
Chestnut Ink washes      
Purple Ink washes      
Blue Ink washes      
Sky Blue Ink washes (OOP)      
Green Ink washes (OOP)      
Dark Green Ink washes      
Black Ink washes      
Flesh Wash Ink washes      
Standard Colours
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Chaos Black Also sold in a 500ml spray for undercoating Hu:33   Coal Black
Codex Grey Highlight for black Hu:126 / 140 / 106 / 224   Cold Grey
Fortress Grey Highlight for Codex Grey; shading for white Hu:167   Stonewall Grey
Skull White Also sold in a 500ml spray for undercoating     Skull White
Shadow Grey Base for Space Wolves / Highlight for black Hu:157   Sombre Grey
Space Wolves Grey Use for Space Wolves Space Marines     Wolf Grey
Ghostly Grey Highlight for Wolves Space Marines (OOP)     Ghost Grey
Nauseating Blue Base for purple (OOP) Hu:25   Sick Blue
Imperial Purple Base for purple (OOP)     Royal Purple
Liche Purple Highlight for Imperial Purple     Hexed Lichen
Warlock Purple Highlight for Liche Purple     Warlord Purple
Tentacle Pink Pink Horrors / Slaanesh     Squid Pink
Midnight Blue Base colour for blue     Night Blue
Storm Blue Base colour for blue (OOP)     Stormy Blue
Regal Blue A very popular blue Hu:104   Imperial Blue
Ultramarine Blue Use for Ultramarines Space Marines Hu:14   Ultra Marine Blue
Enchanted Blue Highlight for blue Hu:14   Magic Blue
Lightning Blue Highlight for blue (OOP)     Electric Blue
Ice Blue Highlight for blue      
Hawk Turquoise Use for Eldar Swooping Hawks     Falcon Turquoise
Scab Red Base colour for red Hu:73   Scar Red
Red Gore Base colour for red Hu:73   Gory Red
Blood Red Main red colour Hu:174   Bloody Red
Blazing Orange Highlight for red Hu:82   Hot Orange
Fiery Orange Highlight for red Hu:18   Orange Fire
Golden Yellow Base colour for yellow Hu:154   Gold Yellow
Sunburst Yellow Base or highlight for yellow Hu:69   Sunblast Yellow
Badmoon Yellow Base or highlight for yellow     Bald Moon Yellow
Scorched Brown Base for wood, clothes, Beastmen, fur Hu:98   Charred Brown
Graveyard Earth Base for wood, clothes, Beastmen, fur     Earth
Bestial Brown Base for wood, clothes, Beastmen, fur Hu:186   Beasty Brown
Snakebite Leather Highlight for Bestial Brown, leather straps     Cobra Leather
Desert Yellow Highlight for Snakebite Leather     Desert Yellow
Bubonic Brown Spears; Base colour for bone Hu:225   Plague Brown
Vomit Brown Highlight for Bubonic Brown Hu:61   Scrofulous Brown
Bleached Bone Highlight for all browns, bones Hu:103   Bonewhite
Catachan Green Base colour for Green     Cayman Green
Dark Angels Green Dark Angels Space Marines / Orc skin     Dark Green
Snot Green Basic green Hu:101   Sick Green
Scorpion Green Use for Eldar Striking Scorpions Hu:38   Scorpy Green
Bilious Green Highlight for greens (OOP)     Livery Green
Goblin Green Traditionally used for bases Hu:131   Goblin Green
Scaly Green Lizardmen, monsters     Scurf Green
Jade Green Highlight for Scaly Green (OOP)     Jade Green
Vile Green Highlight for Jade Green (OOP)     Foul Green
Camo Green Dwarfs / Catachans / Imperium     Camouflage Green
Kommando Khaki Highlight for Camo Green     Khaki
Dark Flesh Base colour for flesh, fur, wood Hu:133   Dark Fleshtone
Terracotta Base colour for Vermin Brown     Terracotta
Vermin Brown Fur Hu:9   Parasite Brown
Leprous Brown Highlight for Vermin Brown (OOP)     Filthy Brown
Tanned Flesh Base colour for most flesh     Tan
Dwarf Flesh Good base colour for most flesh Hu:61   Dwarf Skin
Bronzed Flesh Highlight for bone, wood     Bronze Fleshtone
Elf Flesh Use for Elf flesh     Elf Skintone
Pallid Flesh Highlight for flesh (OOP)     Pale Flesh
Rotting Flesh Zombies; Highlight for Orc skin     Dead Flesh
Metallic Colours
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Boltgun Metal Base colour for metal     Gunmetal Metal
Chainmail Base colour for metal Hu:11   Chainmail Silver
Mithril Silver Highlight for Chainmail / Boltgun Metal Hu:11   Silver
Tin Bitz Base colour for metal     Tinny Tin
Brazen Brass Shade for gold / Highlight for Tin Bitz Hu:12   Brassy Brass
Shining Gold Base for gold Hu:54   Polished Gold
Burnished Gold Highlight for gold     Glorious Gold
Dwarf Bronze Base for gold Hu:55   Bright Bronze
Beaten Copper Copper / Dwarfs (OOP)     Hammered Copper
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Baal Red Transparent washes      
Asurmen Blue Transparent washes      
Leviathan Purple Transparent washes      
Devian Mud Transparent washes      
Ogryn Flesh Transparent washes      
Gryphonne Sepia Transparent washes      
Thraka Green Transparent washes      
Badab Black Transparent washes     Smokey Ink
Foundation Colours
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Mechrite Red Base colour      
Dheneb Stone Base colour      
Tausept Ochre Base colour      
Macharius Solar Orange Base colour      
Iyanden Darksun Base colour      
Knarloc Green Base colour      
Tallarn Flesh Base colour      
Hormagaunt Purple Base colour      
Mordian Blue Base colour      
Necron Abyss Base colour      
Fenris Grey Base colour      
Adeptus Battlegrey Base colour      
Astronomican Grey Base colour      
Khemri Brown Base colour      
Calthan Brown Base colour      
Charadon Granite Base colour      
Orkhide Shade Base colour      
Gretchin Green Base colour      
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Ardcoat Matt Varnish Only available in a 500ml spray (OOP)     Matt Varnish
Ardcoat Gloss Varnish Only available in a 500ml spray     Gloss Varnish
Color name Comment Humbrol Vallejo Vallejo Game Color
Smelly Primer Primer (OOP)     White Primer